The View of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, appeared on “The View” facing questions from five opinionatedladies(Whoopi, Joy, Elizabeth, Sheri, and Barbara). Bill appeared to be confident and seem to be prepared for what the ladies would ask him! This has to be one of the best interviews The View had in a long time.

 Hilary Clinton, who was the former first lady of the United States was running against Obama for the Democrat presidential nominee for the November 2008 elections. Bill was a true supporter of his wife, helping her every step of the way, to become president. Well, I do not know about every step of the way but he was involved. It was obvious that the ladies of “The View” would ask him about Hilary Clinton not being picked as the vice president candiate for Senator Obama. They wasted no time and was the first question on their agenda. When Barbara ask “Did Senator Clinton really want to be vice president, and did you want her to be vice president?” He replied “not really no”.  Bill Clinton stated that he like Joe Biden alot but Hilary would be better politically, but Clinton did not really want to do it. After all those things that were said from Hilary’s campaign it would be a little hypocritically to be the running mate for someone that you did not even think was worthy to be president.

Bill sure did say good things about his wife and show his supportive side of Senator Clinton. “I think she did the right thing… and I am proud of her.” As we all know politicians have a smart way of speaking. Bill had some nice things to say about Mc Cain and Palin on “The View” because is that not professionalism? He spoke very highly of Mc Cain and had great things to say about him. Is it that he like John Mc Cain but as stated before he is a “loyal democrat” so he has to say that he is for Obama. He spoke highly of Mc Cain and even mention that John should be respected by the nation because of his service to the country.

Honestly speaking, he had great things to say about Mc Cain, Palin, Hilary and Obama.  I mean during the Democratic Convention he delivered a great speech so maybe that was enough said for why Obama is a good candidate. Do you think personally he does not think Obama is ready to be president but has to demonstrate that for political reasons and show separation among the Democratic party? At the end of the interview he stated that he thinks that Obama will win. Honestly why would he say that Mc Cain would win? Did you not hear his speech during the Democratic Convention?

I have mix emotions about the interview. But I will let you be the judge on “The View” interview with former president Bill Clinton.



The Onion Makes Me Cry of Laughter

The Onion provides satirical news including international, local, and entertainment news (just to name a few). The Onion is “fake news” but it is carried out to seem like real news stories; they have a newspaper as well. The Onion has anchor ledes, reporters, sound bites, and CGs just like any other real news program making it even better. If you have not read or watch The Onion you should!  

When I first went into the website, it looked like CNN or one of those big news networks website. They had clips of the story, the provide sections such as sports, and education, and they even had those annoying commercials between every story. In a Wikinews interview in 2007, The Onion President says: “We get over a million downloads a week, which makes it one of the more successful produced-for-the-Internet videos”. It has shows like, The O-Span, Today Now and In the Know. These shows are parodies of CSPAN, The Today Show, and Good Morning America.

Here is a great comedic news story about the Thanksgiving turkey not receiving anymore repercussions in the Valeire Plame scandal. He will not longer be eaten on Thanksgiving! The turkey was in a Mercedes Benz. He and President Bush signed autographs. Need I say more?


In a segment of the OSPAN, Poyuan Wei gives his opinion as to why China’s government is great. I know this is repetitious but it is pure comedy, although it is carried out to look serious. He believes that government of China has no flaws. “If they were not guilty, why would out infallible government have said they were?”


The Onion is truly the funniest satire show of them all. It makes me laugh every time I watch it. If you did not follow real news or you were completely out of it, you would think that the news story were real. They carry it out like a real news program. The teasers for the new story always has a joke! It is pure entertainment at its greatest. It is a possibility that some people will not think that it is a funny news program but in order to watch this you need to have a great sense of humor and imagine it being real. I think that is whole point though! For viewers to watch the show and get a laugh out of it and appreciate it.

I heard of the Onion before but never paid any attention to it prior to taking a course in Brooklyn College. Now I can not stop watching news clips and reading stories because they take real and fakes events and make you believe that they are real. If you have not read or watch The Onion, I encourage you to do so.

Bye Bye Astroland!

The sign of Astroland on Surf Ave

The sign of Astroland on Surf Ave

September 7, 2008 was the final day of Astroland. Astroland which as been open for nearly half a century and was a landmark for Brooklyn; has now come to its end. Astroland is located on the corner of Surf Avenue and West 10th Street. Conveniently located by the Coney Island Boardwalk. Sadly, yesterday was the last day to enjoy all the rides, except for two, the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel, which are  separately owned by the city. The cyclone has been in Brooklyn since 1927 and many enjoyed this famous roller coaster which is a compact wood twister.

According to NY1, Carol Albert, who is the co-owner of Astroland, said she was not able to get to work out a lease expansion with Thor Equities. Thor Equities and Astroland agreed to expand a one year lease extension that expires on January 31, 2009. So why is Astroland closing now? They could have let it operate until the lease was over. Now many have to find jobs elsewhere and are upset about the closing of Astroland especially employers that have worked there for over a decade.

Now what is left to do in Brooklyn? Astroland was a place where many can relax themselves and leave their worries home and enjoy the many rides and arcades. Now it has come to end for what? More condominiums, and shopping centers! 

I had to make one last visit to Astroland before it closed, which I did on the final day. The amusement park was filled with people of all ages and races. My sister and I looked around and realize that this was the last time we would see Astroland. It is over. So we went on rides and soaked in the last memory we would have of these rides. As we continued to walk to the boardwalk we heard music playing so we followed the sound. We saw a big crowd dancing and having fun on the last day. It was a perfect way to the end the night.